By Sarah Routh

Some of our current and past customers initially reached out to us in search of a home to rent, but after learning about the advantages of home ownership and receiving guidance from us on how to go about it, they’ve become homeowners instead. As the saying goes – “You don’t know what you don’t know.” That’s why we’re here! Many people aren’t aware of the fact that they have everything they need to become homeowners and the fear of the long-term commitment to a mortgage can scare them away. Once they have the facts and have examined their finances and goals, they are often ready to move forward with becoming homeowners. So, what are the pros of becoming a homeowner? We’ve listed our top six below:

1.) Safe Investment – Home values appreciate over time. Depending upon the area you live in and the current market, resale of your home can offer a solid return on your initial investment.

2.) Build Equity – You’ll never see the money you paid towards rent again. Home ownership allows you the opportunity to build long-term wealth. If you consistently pay your mortgage in a timely manner, then you’re essentially depositing money into your savings every time and giving yourself the opportunity to borrow money on the equity you’ll eventually build to use for renovations, family emergencies, etc.

3.) Can be less expensive than renting a home in which you have no ownership – Don’t stretch your budget and make a wise buying decision on a home that’s within your means. Oftentimes, your mortgage payment will cost less than your current rent payment because landlords are factoring in their own mortgage payment, taxes, insurance, etc. and adding room for profit.

4.) Predictable monthly payments – A landlord could raise your rent when your lease expires, leaving you no choice but to pay the increased rent or find a new place to live. When you own a home, your mortgage payment is a predictable monthly payment for up to 30 years that’s been agreed upon. You know what to expect without any surprise increases. 

5.) Credit Building – If you consistently make your mortgage payments on time, you’ll increase your credit score and show other creditors that you’re at low risk of default.

6.) It belongs to YOU – You can do as you please in the home you own. Paint those walls a vibrant color, replace the old cabinetry, rip out the carpet, have as many pets as you’d like with no added fee. Put your mark on your home without interference.

Our team is eager to help you find your dream home in Dublin, McRae-Helena or surrounding areas throughout Central Georgia. Although Real Estate inventory is lower than usual, we are sure that we can help you find the perfect home to suit your needs and your budget. Let us use our expertise to guide you into home ownership! Call our Dublin office at 478-204-0982 or our McRae-Helena office at 229-868-6648 to get started today.


Written by Sarah Routh, Realtor